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This page is run by IKE, a Greek company with tax number 800632214, headquartered inside Thessaloniki’s port Terminal Building with operating license from EOT 0933Ε600000112801. Whenever is mentioned in the current Terms and Conditions, IKE is implied.

General Terms and Conditions

The use of this website and all the offered services are governed by the General Terms and Conditions applicable to all booking orders: electronic, phone orders or orders by physical presence in the offices of the tourist agency. By booking or buying a ferry ticket or any other service offered by, the user accepts these Terms and Conditions. operates as an intermediary service (ferry tickets, hotel reservations, car, organized packages etc), which are offered by the indicated website providers of any tourist service. The user should also consult the Terms and Conditions of the respective providers.


By filling in the relevant fields of the reservation form on this website, reservations made through the portal, but also for any other use (phone by the user via the call center and reservation made by the user at the company) the user gives an explicit command to to mediate providing a travel service supported by the supplier, or any other service. The reservation order shall bind the user in each case. In case of short-term changes in a provided service due to the provider's liability, eg in case of delay or cancellation of the itinerary, will make all reasonable attempts to contact the user via phone or email and provide any possible information given that will receive timely information from the supply side. For transfers, delays, cancellations of itineraries, or other travel services and products of the supplier, bears no responsibility. The user is responsible for being compliant with the conditions set by each supplier, eg conditions imposed by a ferry company on the required time of boarding before the ferry departure. The user is informed of these conditions by the provider. In the case where the user violates the Terms of Use of the website, has the right to reject any orders regarding the reservation.

Combined and Indirect Trips and Itineraries is an online platform that provides the service of booking different trips in a combined indirect route with a stopover, thus offering more options to users. However, the combination of different trips in no way implies a combined booking of these individual tickets provided either by the same or different ferry operator companies, and each ticket is sold separately. The responsibility for the successful completion of the combined travel and the right choice of response time is fully borne by the user who chooses to buy a combination of trips, ie an indirect route with a stopover. bears no responsibility in any way in case the customer fails to complete the combined trip for any reason, including a delay in any trip, modification of the time day or route of a trip or choice of inadequate waiting time between the trips or any other cause that will not allow the customer to complete the combined trip. will make all reasonable attempts to warn users against booking trips with short waiting times, especially on connections that are inherently likely to be delayed.

Prices bears no responsibility for changes in prices and booking fees in case of cancellation of the trip by the provider of travel services. If any additional service fee is to be applied upon the price of the provided service, it is clearly described and explained to the user prior to any payment procedure and is included in the total price of the selected service. 


For booking ferry tickets online, payment is possible via credit card. currently supports payments with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro credit cards and Masterpass through the bank Eurobank S.A . All transactions are conducted in Euro (€) according to the exchange rate of your card provider that is valid at the time of the transaction. Please note that your bank or payment system may apply their own inter-bank exchange rates, foreign currency transactions or service fees on top of the prices you see on our website. is not required to transfer the tickets or other travel documents to the user before the successful completion of the payment procedure. In the rare case where the payment is successfully completed, but that the booking, for any reason is no longer technically possible, such as for example in the case of a server timeout or any other technical error, will refund the customer within 24 hours the exact amount which was paid in Euros, without levying any fees of any kind. The customer’s bank may then withhold the value of the amount from the customer, based on their own procedures. has no control or responsibility concerning banks’ own internal processes in this manner.

Confirmation of Booking

When purchasing any service through, users will receive a booking confirmation via email. Users are expected to verify the correctness of the details and data contained within this reservation confirmation email and notify immediately, and at the latest within 24 hours, of any discrepancies or errors that may be included. Delayed reporting of errors and/or discrepancies in no way entitles the user to withdraw from the contract.

Ticket Collection

Ferry tickets, domestic or foreign, can be sent to the customer by courier with an additional cost clearly described and outlined before the payment procedure. The customer can alternatively pick up their tickets either from the offices of or from the official ferry company’s tourist agency offices in every departure port.

Travel Documents bears no responsibility regarding travel documents (passports, visa, etc.) the client should possess for making a trip. The validity and originality of any necessary documents is sole responsibility of the passenger.

Cancellations - Changes

The modification or cancellation of a ferry itinerary, a trip or another product or service and the conditions governing such a change or cancellation are subject to the terms and conditions set by each specific provider. has no influence in this process and bears no responsibility for it. The cost that may occur due to the change or cancelation of a travel service, which is determined by the terms of each provider is exclusively covered by the user.

Cancellation or modification requested by the customer

If the supplier provides the user with the right to cancel or modify the selected product or service, the user is required to inform about the cancellation or modification request.

For requests submitted online either via email or by phone, at least 4 calendar days are required for processing. For the fulfillment of any modification or cancellation request and in order to meet deadlines as dictated by ferry operators’ policy, an additional period of four days is imposed. The extension is not applicable in cancellation/modification requests submitted in person by visiting either our offices or the ferry operator’s offices, in which case the request will be processed immediately.

In the case of a cancellation or modification requested by the customer, will refund the corresponding amount in Euros, withholding a cancellation fee of 6€ (six euros) per booking. This fee covers the operational and transactional expenses of the cancellation/modification procedure.

In the case that the initial purchase included a service fee, this will be withheld instead of a cancellation fee. Prior to any booking, users must read and agree with the fare and cancellation regulations of each specific ferry operator or the provider of the purchased service.

Cancellation or modification caused by the ferry operator

In case the customer has purchased tickets for an itinerary that has been changed or cancelled without the customer’s liability, will apply all reasonable means to change or cancel the reservation accordingly. In such a case, will not charge any additional cancellation fees. In these cases, will change or cancel the purchased tickets following the official terms and conditions of the ferry operator involved. has no liability for charges dictated by the ferry operators cancellation policy, and the customer is not eligible for any additional claims towards

If the customer has collected paper coupon tickets for a trip that has been cancelled or changed, either from offices or from any other ticket collection office, the customer is obliged to return the paper coupon tickets to offices, in order to be eligible for a refund. The rule is imposed by all ferry operators when paper coupon tickets have been issued.

Disclaimer has no responsibility for: the unavailability of services or products, mistakes, omissions, breaches or denials of the provider, wounding, death, property damage or other damage that may result from the respective services supplier, delays, cancellations, overbooking, strike, force majeure which are not in direct control. Privacy in third party links online. The information provided and published by the supplier for the services offered.

User responsibility

For the use of this website, the user guarantees that they are over 18 years and takes responsibility for any use of this website by minors on behalf achievements. The user has and must use the website in accordance with the law and following the written rules. It is strictly prohibited to make any use of the site for purposes misleading, or speculative purposes that could cause a malfunction in the provision of services achievements. Any illegal move to the use of the site will result in the exclusion of the user from accessing the provided by this service.


The content of this website belongs exclusively to It is prohibited to perform any copying, distribution, processing, resale, the creation of derivative works, or misleading the public about the real provider of this website.

Modification - Renewal of General Terms, has the right to amend or renew the above Terms and Conditions on the use of this Site, at any time with effect for the future without creating an obligation to inform the user.

Legal Notice

This website, as well as the content that belongs to «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE», established and operated under Greek law and is based Inside Thessaloniki’s Port Terminal Building, 54625 Greece. The content of this website is protected by the applicable copyright provisions, and no modification or further reproduction is allowed. «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE» has no responsibility for the content of any third-party websites included as links or references on this website and has no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from such content. Any reference to other websites is only for the convenience of users of this website. All communication with «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE» through this website or otherwise are confidential. Αny collection, maintenance, processing and transmission of personal data to notify users in «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE », through this website is collected and treated in use and processing in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data and in particular, according to the provisions of Law, as in force. The sender of any information on this website is responsible for their content, truthfulness, and accuracy. This website is aimed at people over 18 years. Access to this website and use the services provided by this service implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of each user of the terms of this legal notice. «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE » reserves the right to modify the content of this legal notice unilaterally and without prior notice to users. Any modified version of this legal notice replaces the previous one. Users are required before receiving any service through this website refer to the contents of this legal notice. If you have any questions regarding this legal notice, the protection of personal data that you enter on this website or other aspects of our privacy practices, please contact us.


Privacy Policy

The company «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE», owner and administrator of the website, that is established and operating under the provisions of Greek law and is based Inside Thessaloniki’s Port Terminal Building, 54625 Greece, will preserve and process the following personal data provided by the user willingly for the registration at or in order to purchase ferry tickets or any other provided service.

«FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE» is in the business of selling ferry tickets, not selling data. The user consents and agrees that «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE» will share their personal data, with the cooperating ferry operator companies so as to issue the requested ferry tickets or to provide them with any other purchased service. Finally, the personal data will be shared with FORTHcrs company that allows the communication with all ferry operators and performs the booking of the tickets or any related services. «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR SA» can use this personal data to communicate with the user if necessary.

The user is entitled, at any point in time, to ask to have access to those files and demand from «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE» to delete all the files related to their personal and sensitive data. makes every possible effort and take all the necessary measures to ensure the secure collection, redistribution (only as clearly described above), transfer and storage of the recorded personal data you send to «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR IKE».


Which Data are Stored and Used

For the successful reservation of ferry tickets or any other service provided by, the supplier of the specific service requires certain personal data from the user. Commonly these data are the gender, full name, age, date of birth, discount type and discount authorization number, email address and phone number of the user. In cases of international ferry routes or for ferry routes of specific companies the Passport number and issue country may be asked. «FERRYTRAVELLER.GR » stores some of these personal details in order to facilitate customer service and communication with the user when necessary. More specifically, the following data are stored: gender and full name of the user, age and date of birth, email address and phone number. In the case where the user selects ticket delivery via courier, the full address details are stored, while in the case where the user selects to receive an invoice or receipt, all the relevant details are stored. will get in contact with the user via email for reservation confirmation, reservation reminder, and other ticket related needs. staff will not use the provided phone number for communication unless it is a state of need (cancellation of the booked itinerary, state of emergency, etc).