Cyclades, the most famous destination!

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According to mythology, the name Cyclades refers to the islands forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos. It is the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, a combination of white and blue that turns your trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience.


Mykonos Book Now

One of the most famous islands worldwide and a favourite holiday spot of the Jet Set!

Mykonos is unforgettably beautiful with the Cycladic Architecture and the sandy beaches. The island is famous for its award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, luxury hotels and international Jet set visitors.

One of the most photographed spot on the island is Little Venice, made of 18th century homes founded in the sea. Another attraction is the windmills that were used to ground seeds into flour, using the power of the wind. The world-known beaches “Paradise” and “Super Paradise” along with so many others offer you endless choices of how you will spend your day.


Santorini or Thira Book Now

The volcano island overwhelms your senses!

It is full of contracts, black earth against white houses.

The local cuisine is delicious thanks to nutrient rich volcanic soil. Combine it with fine wine from the world renowned volcanic vineyards and the setting is ideal.

Santorini is famous also for its sunset, so follow the ritual as thousands do every year to see the sun sinking into the Aegean and fill your eyes with colours.


Paros Book Now

The island where natural beauty meets rich history and can give you the holidays of your dreams!

Lose yourself in the maze of hidden alleyways in Parikia, drink your wine in front of Naoussa’s tiny marinas or enjoy your cocktail with loud music at lively beaches bars or clubs all day and night. On the island you will find the most significant early church in the Aegean called Panagia Ekatontapiliani (Church of 100 doors) which is the most important attraction of the island.

Infinite, unique beaches make it difficult to choose where to swim. Paros has it all!


Naxos Book Now

This is the biggest island of Cyclades!

An island with plenty of history, beautiful landscapes and wonderful food.

As you enter the harbour, you face the ancient Portara, a marble gateway, landmark of the island. As you walk through the alleyways in the old part of the town up to the fortress you feel like you are back to the middle ages. Naxos is famous for its local products, multi-prized cheeses, potatoes, citrus liqueur are some of the local delicacies that you should try. This big island gives you a big variety of things to do. Old picturesque villages, mountains and valleys ancient sites! Also the island is the windsurfer’s heaven since the winds at Mikri Vigla beach blow constantly and wind and kite-surfers come from all over the world to feel this unique experience.


Ios Book Now

This little island is the heart of Aegean Sea, offers more than you can ask!

Tranquil during daytime but during the night the party never stops. Beyond the bars and the nightclubs, you will find Cycladic homes, cafes, narrow alleyways, stylish boutiques, restaurants and taverns.

Check the view from Homer’s grave in the ancient ruins of Hellenistic Tower. Take the narrow streets to Palaiokastro and walk along 300m above the sea. Visit Panagia Gremiotissa Church next to the Venetian castle to see Chora from another perspective.

This island has a special kind of beauty that awaits you.


Syros Book Now

A beautiful Island with the capital town called Ermoupoli (the city of Hermes) that has a glorious past with outstanding public buildings and neoclassical houses, since it was the first important town and industrial centre of the country in the 19th century.

The town has a medieval quarter of the Roman Catholic community with St George’s cathedral that you can visit if you go up the stairs to the top of the hill and throw the narrow streets.

The island has a great number of beautiful beaches for all tastes. After a day on the beach, local taverns will offer you tasty delicacies.


Sifnos Book Now

According to National Geographic it is one of the ten most magical and sunny places on earth!

It is the island of flavours since it is the birthplace award winning chef Tselementes. Full of unique traditional villages, dreamy beaches and 227 churches spread around the island, the place is calling you to explore it.

Every tavern or restaurant offers some exceptional dishes of Sifnos and when the night falls, have your drink in one of the fancy bars or night clubs of the island till early in the morning.


Serifos Book Now

Serifos is the island that combines arid, wild land characteristics with deep blue colours of Aegean Sea!

The capital – Chora has two neighbourhoods, the upper and lower Chora, connecting by a stairway. Take a 10 minute walk up to the 15tgh century Venetian castle and see the breathtaking view.

You have plenty of beaches to choose from, but few are accessible by car. Otherwise you have to follow the walking trails by the sea.


Milos Book Now

A unique island, with spectacular landscapes due to the volcanic activity in ancient years!

A diver’s paradise offers underwater caves but also 80 beaches offer turquoise colours and lunar landscapes, rocky caves and white rocks. The island offers great gastronomic experience like watermelon pies and bon bon with pumpkin! Give yourself an unforgettable experience by renting a boat to visit the island’s rugged beauties. 

One visit is not enough!


Folegandros Book Now

The wild beauty of this island takes your breath away!

Chora, the capital of the island, is partially built in the castle at 200m above the sea. You have to walk along the narrow streets with the white houses and the coloured doors and windows. As, in every Greek island you have to try the local dishes and delicacies.

This small island is full of beaches that you can reach by walking, driving or by boat, like Beach Katergo which is the most beautiful beach on the island.


Tinos Book Now

This Cycladic Island attracts thousands of orthodox pilgrims to visit the church of Virgin Mary!

But this is not the only reason to visit this wonderful island with 40 traditional villages and beautiful beaches. The island is the homeland of great marble curving artists as the ancient famous sculptor Fidias had taught the secrets of this art to the locals. You can see beautiful marble creations all over the island.

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