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Rhodes Book Now

Island of the knights!

This place with natural beauty, rich history and countless attractions, make Rhodes one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece.

It was a popular destination since the Roman ages, the island of the mythical Colossus of Rhodes is the place where the Aegean meets the Middle East. The old town is one of the best preserved mediaeval settlements in the world and it has been declared an Unesco World Heritage site. The place is full of ancient statues, the street of the knights, mosques and at the highest point the Castle, the palace of the grand masters that is now a museum.

The island has its modern side with large hotels and resorts, clubs, marinas, cafes and restaurants.

Above all, Rhodes offers you infinite beaches with activities of all kinds that will make your vacations unforgettable. 


Karpathos Book Now

A wild beauty island, sculped by winds, offers you the vacations of your dream !

Among the significant sights and attractions are early Christian Churches, the Castle and the Acropolis at Aperi. They are more recent structures left by the Italians, such us bridges, windmills and the outdoor ovens of Olympus Village. Many women still wear the traditional dress as if time has stood still.

The award-winning sandy beach of Apella is the most beautiful beach on Karpathos and one of the best in the entire Mediterranean. This is the beginning of a long list of beautiful beaches that surround the island with emerald waters.


KosBook Now

The island on the edge of Dodecanese is the birthplace of Hippocrates, antiquity’s father of Medicine!

Numerous archaeological sites left by ancient Greeks, Roman, medieval Knights, Venetians and Othomans, a place you must visit.

The city has its modern and old face. You can visit the Nerantzia Castle of the Knights of Saint John, the 14th century city walls that were created to keep out Sultan Bayezit I, the medieval district and Roman ruins. And don’t forget to see Hepocrate’s enormous plane tree with 12m in circumference, which legend says, was planted by the doctor himself.

The beaches are so many and almost every beach on Kos is a kilometre long.



This tiny island, just 800m from the Turkish coast, was the setting for the Oscar-winning film “Mediterraneo” !

The beautiful, colourful harbour, with two-storeyed houses combine with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Visit the Kastello Rosso, the 14th century castle built by the knights of St. John.

A trip to the blue caves by boat will make you see an almost unbelievable shade of Aegean blue, which can be neither described not captured in photos.


NisirosBook Now

The volcanic island, round in shape and with a retro atmosphere, gives you unique calm vacations!

Untouched small villages, ancient walls of black, volcanic stone, is the hikers dream. Something you cannot often do, is visit an active volcano. It has three craters that the locals have given them human names Stephanos, Alexandros and Polyvotis to pacify them!


PatmosBook Now

This is the island of Apocalypse, full of mystical experiences that Unesco has declared a world Heritage Site!

This dark cave is believed to be the spot where Saint John had his divine visions and wrote the book of Revelation. The monastery of St John is high on the hill and it is important centre of worship. It was the island of wealthy merchants and captains from 16th century and you can see their mark as you stroll along the streets of Chora with the impressive with Gothic and neoclassical features.

Beaches with deep blue water, good food, breathtaking view and the Aegean unfolds at your feet.


AstypaleaBook Now

This beautiful island is the southeast edge of the Aegean!

Last Island of the Dodecanese, next to Cyclades and that is why it looks so much like Cycladic Chora.

It is the island of white light crystal-clear water, beautiful beaches and hospitable residents. The island’s largest town, Chora, with the castle on its hill, gives you a variety of choices for food and fun. And if you love adrenaline, there is a climbing site just outside Chora, offering 20 routes of varying difficulty.

What else can you ask for?


KalymnosBook Now

This is the home island of the famous sponge divers!

Known for their skills, the Kalymnian divers harvest sea sponges for centuries.

Today they have one of the largest fishing fleets in the Aegean Sea. The island is also famous for its climbing areas so it is an adventure’s paradise if you love diving or climbing.

The local cuisine is simple with flavours you will not forget. If you like serenity, relaxation or adventure you just found the place for your vacations!


LipsiBook Now

Is the southeast Aegean there is a small piece of land surrounded by 24 islets!

It is the perfect place to offer you swimming, diving and fishing in crystal clear waters.. 

Walk along the alleyways, taste their famous sweet wine, taste their local cuisine and spend your day on sandy or pebbly beaches with turquoise waters. Unspoilt Aegean colour for peaceful holidays at Lipsi Island – the island pf goddess Kalypso!


LerosBook Now

This peaceful, beautiful island was chosen by goddess Artemis to build her throne, and there is probably a very good reason for this!

It is ideal for family holidays. In the north-east of the island you will find the castle of Panagia with its breath-taking view. On the island you will find organised beaches as well as secluded bays that can offer you water sports or pure family time that will make your vacations unforgettable.


SymiBook Now

Welcome to Symi, the sophisticated, elegant, small island of Dodecanese!

When arriving in Symi port, you will be welcomed by the imposing multi-coloured, neoclassical buildings. As a local delicacy you have to try the famous Symi shrimps. Take a day cruise to the beach you want and enjoy your day by the sea of beautiful Symi.


TilosBook Now

Tilos is a small, quiet island with Byzantine monuments, medieval castles, caves that awaits your arrival!

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