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Nine Islands, nine beautiful destinations, full of history, nature, stories and myths.



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This volcanic island, sacred to Hephaestus, god of metallurgy, if full of history from prehistoric era. On the hill of Poliochne you will see the ruins of the most ancient city of Europe from Early Bronze age. But is not the only archaeological site of the island! Ancient or contemporary, Lemnos comes from the word white because that’s how it looks from far. White from the countless beaches all over the island that can offer you all kind of vacation, relaxing or with sports.


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Beautiful place, famous for its architecture, tradition, ancient olive trees, history and hospitality.

Mytilene is the capital but is not the only place to visit. Since there are many picturesque little villages by the sea. The island is full of aromas, beautiful old houses, crystal clear waters and cosmopolitan beaches. The island is famous for its Ouzo, so don’t forget to visit one of the many fish taverns by the sea and enjoy the delicious meze-food.


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This island is the jewel of Northern Aegean. 

It is close to the Asia Minor west. It is the fifth largest Greek Island, mountainous with Mediterranean climate. The main local products are mastic, citrus fruits, olive oil, figs and wine. Mastic is a unique resin product coming from the mastic tree, growing in the south of the island. It is used as gum, aroma and flavour in pastry making and also in the production of the famous mastic liquor. Fascinating beaches are everywhere, with sea clear like crystal. The visitors can find picturesque taverns to taste fresh fish and local meze. This island is a place that you never forget!


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This island of Hera and Pythagoras, with countless beaches and sweet wine is a unique place.

Really green island, combines pine forests, olive and citrus groves and vineyards. Many interesting archaeological sites to visit as the walls of Polycrates, the ancient theatre and Roman baths and the temple of the Hera, one of the largest temples in Greece.

Vathy, the capital, is built around the deep bay that gave it its name. Vast sandy or pebble beaches surround the island and give you a vast variety to choose every day. The island’s reputation for fine wine goes back to antiquity.


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This place offers something completely different than any other island.

It is full of music, Icariotikos dance, festivals and different kind of life. Its name comes of the ancient myth of Icarus and his father Daedalus that escaped from the palace of King Minos in Crete, flying. At some point, Icarus excited by the beauty of landscapes, flew higher towards the sun and his waxed wings melted. He fell and drown in the sea that was named after him as Icarian sea and the adjacent island, Icaria.

A great variety of beaches gives you a different choice every day. In Icaria people live long! You must come to the island to learn the secrets of longevity and live like an Icarian. | Ferry Tickets, Routes and Timetables - NORTHERN AEGEAN